Spraying a woman’s pierced ear with Natural Clean PIERCECARE for ear piercing aftercare.

Ear Piercing Aftercare: What You Should Do

Ear Piercing Aftercare: What You Should Do

Earrings can be an expression of beauty or art. Wearing ear jewelry creates a sense of pleasure. The more attractive or artistic you look with the jewelry, the more you can focus on the positive qualities of yourself.  

The Importance of Earrings 

We all have different ways of trying to look attractive and chic. Jewelry is among the most popular ways both men and women use to improve their look, especially during special occasions.  

Earrings can completely change a person’s image. They add elegance, class, and beauty. 

In the past, people wore jewelry to signal a specific membership, belongingness, or social status. Over time, people got used to seeing faces with earrings. 

Wearing earrings can also highlight your skin tone, attire, or face shape. Earrings can be an excellent addition to complete any trendy outfit and make you look remarkable.  

When you look and feel good when wearing your earrings, it boosts your self-confidence. This can lead to a more positive outlook in life and higher chance of succeeding. 

What to Remember Before Ear Piercing 

Body piercing is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating a hole that the jewelry can insert into. If it is your first time doing ear piercing, there are essential reminders you should take note of before going through it: 

Decide on the Location of the Ear Piercing  

Ear piercing is generally safe and straightforward, but complications may occur. If you plan to pierce the upper part of your ears, it is more painful than the lower area. It also takes longer to heal. This is because the upper part has harder cartilage than the lower area. So, make sure to be ready for these consequences if you decide to have it in the upper part of your ears. 

Make Sure to Work with a Highly Trained Piercer  

The next thing you should know is to learn the experience and training background of the piercer. Make sure the piercer is well trained for the procedure and has enough experience.  

If you want your child to be pierced, ask the piercer for tips or advice to help you prepare your kid before piercing. It is also crucial to include the ear piercing aftercare tips for your child.  

Know What Piercing Equipment and Tools the Piercer Will Use  

Whether the piercing is for you or your kid, safety and sterility come first. It is essential to know what tools and equipment the trained professional has. It should be of high quality and safe to use. 

It is also essential to learn the trained professional’s process in ear piercing. Making sure the person washes their hands and wears new gloves is just one part of the process. 

Choose the Right Earrings  

Choosing the jewelry for a new piercing is exciting but can be overwhelming at some point. Ideally, beginners should opt for the stud earrings as they are lightweight. They do not climb upward, loop backward, or drop downward. This helps you feel a little more comfortable than the other types. 

It is also vital to ensure the earrings you chose are hypoallergenic and the piercer sterilizes them.   

How Long Does It Take for the Pierced Ears to Heal? 

Following the given tips can help you reduce the risk of complications. Earlobe piercings are the quickest to heal, which usually takes 6-8 weeks. The upper part of your ear can take up to 4 months to a year to heal.  

PierceCare Aftercare Spray 

PierceCare Aftercare Spray is the exact cleaning solution for your pierced ears. It highlights its core features that you can take advantage of: 

  • Effective and Gentle: Our product aims to give you an effective and gentle solution to piercing aftercare needs. It eases inflammation and pain as it cleanses your wound without the sting or burning sensation.  
  • 100% All-Natural and Organic: PierceCare Aftercare Spray only includes all-natural and organic ingredients, making it ideal for use. It does not irritate the skin and is free of alcohol. 
  • Safe for Use: Because our product contains all-natural and organic ingredients, it is 100% safe for use. It is also safe for children, the elderly, and even pets. 
  • High-Quality Standards: PierceCare Aftercare Spray promises to give you the best piercing aftercare experience, so it meets the highest quality standards. It is under a family-owned business that is based in the USA. It also has the best customer service that caters to your product needs and inquiries.    

10 Ear Piercing Aftercare Tips 

  1. Be Responsible in Taking Care of Your Pierced Ears

Ear piercing aftercare plays a crucial role in the healing process of your wounds. Follow the best practices in taking care of your pierced ear as advised by your piercer. Always wash your hands before touching your earring or cleaning the pierced area. 

  1. Regularly Clean Your Ears 

Wash your pierced ears with mild soap and water. Do this at least once a day to avoid irritation. You can also spray a gentle cleaning solution to your wounds to prevent bacteria build-up. 

  1. Do Not Over-Clean Your Pierced Ears

A professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine. This is also true with an ear piercing. You do not want to disrupt the excellent balance of the microorganisms in and on your body.

  1. Do Not Take an Excessive Amount of Caffeine or Alcohol 

New piercing can all be prone to occasional bleeding during the early days of the healing process. Caffeine and alcohol can trigger bleeding as they are promoters of increased blood pressure. Therefore, it is crucial to minimize consuming them, especially during the first two weeks of healing.  

  1. Minimize Smoking

Smoking is never good for your health. It releases toxic chemicals that can slow down the healing process. Limit smoking as much as possible. 

  1. Do Not Change Your Earrings Prematurely 

Changing the earrings during the healing process can cause complications. Your first earring change should ideally be eight weeks after getting pierced or when the wounds heal. 

While ear piercing is a commonly done procedure, you should still take extra care, especially during the first few days. You might also experience stinging, which is normal. However, observing the tips would help reduce the risks. 


Ear piercing is a painful procedure. Therefore, it is vital to follow the best practices for ear piercing aftercare.  So, before getting your ears pierced, consult with a trained professional first for proper medical guidance.  

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